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What should I expect from my first session?

After your first session you can expect to feel lighter and more relaxed. You can expect to feel less pain and you should be able to sleep well that night. However, you may feel a little sore the next day as if you've gone to the gym, but after a day or two you should feel a lot better. The key is to drink plenty of water to flush out the lactic acid and toxins that have been released after your massage and that will help subside the soreness.

Do you help treat terminal or chronic illness?

No, I do not help treat terminal or chronic illness. I am not a doctor. However, massage can be great for pain management due to treatment for terminal and/or chronic illness. Be advised that some illnesses may require you to have a note from your doctor saying that it is okay for you to get a massage. For this type of situation, it is always best to consult with your doctor before getting a massage.

How should I prepare for my first treatment?

I have all of the tools and equipment that I need. All that you have to do is show up and provide a space where I can fit my table and be able to freely move around it. This will ensure that you get the best quality out of your massage.

What does mobile mean?

Mobile means that I come to you. If you are a senior citizen or disabled and you live around the Kent and Akron are, I can bring my table to you.

Do I have to get completely naked?

No, you do not have to get completely naked. You can undress to the level of your comfort. Just know that you will be completely draped the entire time and I won't see anything. The only exception is if you are getting a stretch therapy session or a chair massage, in which you will be completely clothed the entire time.

Is it okay if I get completely naked?

It is totally fine with me if you prefer to be completely naked while on the table. You will be completely draped the entire time and I will not see anything. However, this is a professional and ethical business and any sexual advances will not be tolerated. Any sexual advances will cause for immediate termination of your session and you will be charged full price.

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